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Great student success at The Furniture & Joinery Conference in Birmingham.

Activate Learning are delighted to announce great student success at The Furniture & Joinery Conference in Birmingham.

The conference is a platform for industry leaders to debate key issues, recognise the best in industry, network with colleagues and peers and access the latest trade intelligence.

Yesterday, Rycotewood Furniture Oxford students from City of Oxford College were awarded at the conference including:

🟤 Josey Garbutt - CAD+T Solutions GmbH

🟤 Jack Talbott - Blum Group

🟤 Christoph Kurzmann - Scm Group

🟤 Krav Metcalfe - Daltons Wadkin

🟤 Dan Alexander - Titus Gro


Josh Hudson, Rycotewood Furniture Lead at Activate Learning, featured as a speaker at the event.

He said: "It was an amazing experience to be being given a platform to discuss subjects close to my heart at the inaugural Furniture and Joinery Conference.

"This year's theme was 'Striking the right balance - The skills gap along with the equality and diversity within our industry'

"In a thriving and fast paced industry and it is rare to get so many influential people in one room with the focus on challenges which face us all. The ability to have productive discussions so that we can move forward together is the most important thing right now.

"The conference was a fantastic opportunity to network for Rycotewood, with students showcasing their work. It was a brilliant platform for themselves and Rycotewood to be acknowledged for outstanding achievement."

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